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Follow your heart and learn from the premier kiteboarding school in La Ventana, Mexico.


4 Elements Kiteboarding lesson techniques were designed to help you become an independent kiteboarder in the shortest time possible. 

La Ventana is one of the top global destinations for kiteboarders, with its daily consistent thermal winds and catchers mitt shaped bay, making it an ideal place for beginners.  

Xantos Villegas-kiteboarding-LaVentana2
Xantos Villegas-kiteboarding-LaVentana


Jet Ski Support

You will get the most water-time during your lesson hours with jet ski support, which means you will get more practice.  Schools without jet skis will launch you from land, which causes two problems; one is that you will be constantly walking your kite upwind during your paid lesson, wasting your time without practicing your skills; the other is that the instructor will be on land if anything goes wrong, leaving you at risk.  We have rescued many students from other schools who’s instructors were on land when the student got into trouble in the water.  Water-time and safety are two compelling reasons to look for a school who offers jet ski support.

"When everyone else is waiting for the wind, we go find it with the jet ski" - Jesus, 4Elements Instructor

Professional Radio Helmets

You will learn so much faster when can get real-time feedback from your instructor during your lesson.  Some schools don’t have radio helmets at all, making it impossible for the student to know if they are doing something right, or wrong.  It is also dangerous if you are in a situation where you need help, but cannot receive instruction on what to do to get out of it.  Students using our radio helmet system expreience 3-5 times faster progression than those without.

"I took lessons from a school without radio and it was a waste of time now that I see the difference" - Juiliet, Student

Top Of The Line Equipment

The gear we selected for our students has been from many yeasr of testing different brands and styles, and is selected to help our students progress faster.  Our kites styles are easier to control and easier to relaunch from the water, allowing students to develop their skills faster.  Many schools use old equipment because it is cheap, but old equipment does not have up to date safety releases and have a higher failure rate in emergency situations, and lower performance leaves students struggling with kite control and relaunching rather than actual skill progression.  We refresh our gear every year for safety and performance reasons, and wash them after each day of lessons to keep them in pristine condition. 

"I like the gear so much that I just bought it." - Ellie, Student

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If you are ready to join the fastest growing and most thrilling sport, you are only an email away.  Let us know when you are planning to arrive and a bit about your skill level and we can customize a plan for you.  

We can't wait to hear from you!


The reason many students struggle, isn't because of their ability to learn, it's because they didn't know a good school from a bad one.  We see a lot of bad behavior from kite schools, wasting student's time and money of on poor instruction and unsafe practices.  Read our roundup of the worst kiteboarding behaviors in this article:

"How to Avoid a Bad Kiteboarding School"

Don’t you want to maximize your lesson time in the water, without having to waste expensive time lugging your gear upwind every 20 minutes?  


Don’t you want to avoid the embarrassment of the “walk (or ATV) of shame?”


Don’t you want to have an experienced professional by your side, without having to worry about being alone on the water?


What if there was a kiteboarding school that eliminates all these problems, and puts you on a fast track to becoming a real kiteboarder?


The only kiteboarding school you need is here to help, and we promise to focus on your individual skill level and what you need to know to make you into an independent kiteborder faster!


Custom Package

Staying longer?  Multiple people in your group? Let us customize a package for you. You are just one email away from your next kiteboarding adventure in Baja.


Progress from beginner to winner in three phases and build the strongest foundation for kiteboarding.  In these lessons, you will learn kite control, safe techniques, and how to start riding the board from one-on-one IKO instruction.  

Learn the most fundamental building blocks for kiteboarding in this land lesson.

Phase 1:  Introduction to Kite Control

Phase 2:

Kite Control Body Drag

Time to hit the water!  Practice upwind body drag, launching the kite from water, and more.

Phase 3:

Water Start on the Board

Learn to do a water-start and ride the board in both directions while controlling the kite.


When you learn with 4 Elements Kiteboarding, you are getting the most advances systems and methods.  We have engineered your lesson time to maximize your skill progression, and here is why:

Maximum Water-Time

Our use of on-the-water support and long downwinders allows us to focus your lesson on the water.  The more water-time you have, the more your skills improve.  Compare this to schools without on-the-water support, where you are only able to go so far before having to carry your kite upwind again.  Your valuable lesson time should not be wasted on tasks that don't improve your skills.

Real-Time Feedback

Professional radio helmets allow us to give you real-time feedback during your lesson, so you know what to do at any given time.  Schools without radio feedback leave their students flailing about, not knowing if they are doing something wrong, or how to correct it. Some schools have "radios" however these are flimsy earbuds taped to your ear, neither of which are waterproof.  We use top of the line professional grade radio helmets that are used in special task force training.

Optimized Lesson

By optimizing your lesson with maximum water-time and real-time feedback, we can accelerate your learning even more with our professional instructors.  We customize your lesson to your skill level and focus on the core building blocks that give you the strongest foundation for future skill development.  With 4 Elements Kiteboarding, you are not learning from "kite-dudes", you are learning from professionals.



I'm Xantos Villegas, and I'm a professional athlete.  You can learn more about me here:

Hi, I'm Xantos Villegas, IKO instructor and founder of

4 Elements Kiteboarding. I've been teaching people just like you how to kiteboard for over 12 years, and nothing makes me happier than to see my students riding independently.  With every breakthrough, you will hear me shout "Awesome!"  You could say I get more excited about my student's success than even they do.

I developed the 4 Elements methods for kiteboarding because I was so tired of seeing other instructors take student's money and not take their skill progression seriously.  Students would take years to learn to kiteboard because they couldn't get enough water-time or the right feedback during the lessons, and they would come to me having wasted hours on lessons that didn't get them anywhere.  


After years of teaching and hard work, testing the right equipment, right skill training, and adding advanced systems, we can help students maximize every minute of their lesson so they can reach their goals faster.  We have incorporated the best kite school practices, and I can't wait for you to try us!


"LOVED learning to kite with Xantos. He was super fun and patient, while also being an excellent instructor. There's no better way to learn kite than with Xantos!"

- Bart Decrem, San Francisco, CA

"I met Xantos on my first trip to la ventana. He taught my whole family to kite and is a great host. We got to swim with whales, do downwinders from hot springs and hang out with a great crew. 4elements is a great school for all levels and Xantos is a safe and conscientious instructor."

- Chris Fry, San Francisco, CA

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